The Masurian Land are associated with large spaces of lakes, shade-giving forests with beautiful landscapes which is not spoilt by influence of civilization and the Węgorzewo County area is exactly like this. The total area of lakes and rivers is 100 km2 and forests -138,6 km2 in the Węgorzewo County. For the amateurs of the nature we can recommend the trips to many reserves.
The one of the largest nature's reserves is the „Seven Isles” Nature's Reserve with its international Importance. The total area of the reserve is 1006,83 ha. In 1984 the reserve was included in the international convention (RAMSAR) and it was written on the list of previous water-mud areas of international importance as the area of interesting kinds of fauna and flora, and also as a delicious place of resting for the birds during their spring and autumn migrations. The „Seven Isles” Nature's Reserve is the ideal nesting, feeding and resting ground for rare and very rare kinds of birds.  

  It is worth seeing the ornithology reserve called „The Peninsula and the isles on Rydzowka Lake” (26 ha) developed to protect the nesting grounds of the water-mud birds. We can find here a lot of cormorants, wild geese. There are also beaver-lodges in the reserve. The unforgettable expressions can bring us likewise the Nature's Reserve consisted of 18 isles on the Mamry and kisajno Lakes, brushwood of reed and groups of the stony beaches.
If you want to see a part of old forest of reserve „Mokre” (7 ha) with its ash-older part of forest,where one can find about 140 year old oaks - we invite you to see it.
For the more active amateurs of nature we recommend cycling trails, walking and skiing routes (soon). All the routes lead along the lakes and rivers banks. The tourists coming here have choice: short routes (under 30 km) - through Forest Route of Sapina River or longer (about 108 km). More information you can find here.

We also have wonderful vantage points. The one of the most beautiful vantage points is situated near the Swiecajty lake when we can visit an old German and Russian soldiers cemetery from the 1st World War. Just as good is charming view we can see is the view on the Mamry Lake watching it from Kal and Zwierzyniecki Rog peninsulas.
Standing on the bridge above the strait between the Kirsajty and Dargin lakes one can admire the tremendous views of the surroundings lakes.

  Do you like water, but you cannot swim? We invite you to the escapades on the cruise ships along the Great Masurian Lakes Route. From Węgorzewo the rote leads through the Mamry, Kirsajty, Dargin and Kisajno lakes, next to the islands inhabited by the cormorants and the straits leading to the Swiecajty and Dobskie lakes.
If you want to find more information - please click on The Masurian Shipping.
You can also have a good time in lots of agrotouristics farms, where you can have a relaxation and pleasure - simultaneously you can have an active rest helping in farm-works, on the field and breathe the fresh air. You can also smell the scent of fresh-cutting meadows, try a mug of fresh milk.
A lot of attractions we can offer for amateurs of water sports: routes through the Mamry, Oswin, Swiecajty, Kisajno lakes.
  Canoeists an rally down the Wegorapa River, which runs to the country border with Russian Federation and to the Pregola River. This route i for fit and determined canoeists, as the length of the river (from the Mamry Lake to the Pisa River is 139,9 km).
The picteresque and charming Sapina River joining the Mamry and Goldopiwo lakes. It is possible to end trally in Ogonki or carry further downthe Great Lakes Route. One of the unforgetable rally attractions is canoeing down through the water-locks in Przerwanki.

Apart of beatiful views we have also the very clear air. You can breathe deep, walking through the forests in which live a lot of different kinds of wild animals like: deer, roe-deer, lynxes, badgers, ordinary foxes. The beavers have found there the source of food, quiet and they have made every well developed system of canals. The testify to existing the beavers is great number of beaver-lodges.  
For the trailers of the historical traces we recommend to see the monuments buildings including: The gothic parish of St Peter's and Paul's, The Ethnic Museum, The Palace in sztynort, The Masurian Canal, and the bunkers of the Wehrmacht Headquarters in Mamerki described above.

  For the searchers of vacation adventures we recommend the summer shanties (sailor songs) in harbours: Keja, Węgorzewo, in Tiga Yacht in Sztynort and in other pubs, a great number of entertraiment (look at sports events and music shows and entertainment calendar).
The beauty, relaxation, and rest are what our county wants to offer you.

Starostwo Powiatowe w Węgorzewie