The Węgorzewo County is not only an eden during all the seasons of the year. The whole year are organized different sports events and cultural performances.

  Don't you believe? Come to us in January! You will see The International Review of Christmas Carrols Shows called „Herody” in Wegorzewo, but in Budry there will be organized The review of Chrismas Carrols ( and pastorales).. In February - the most important holiday of everyone who fell in love - Valentine's Day. So in Wegorzewo we will celebrate Rock Valentine's Day, and in Budry - there will be Valentine's Poetry Competitions. March is the beginning of the spring season of course - so we invite for Joyful Concert on the occasion of Spring's Day.
In April we organize runnings on orientation - „The Great lakes Races” and the international Review of Spring Ritual Shows „The Spring's Holiday”.


May we will begin from „The May's Picnic”, which is organized on the main square of the Wegorzewo and The Great Opening of Sailing season.
The next day we would like to propose you is the International Runnings called „Eel Semi-Marathon Race” on the route from sztynort to Wegorzewo connected with Military Championships in Semi- Marathon. There will be also organized concurrent runnings for the children and youth. In the Eel Semi- Marathon everyone who is over 18 years old and will put the declaration of good health can take part. More information you can find here.


  In the same time the International Yacht Races will start in Optimist and Laser classes. We have also a propositions for children: The Mamry Lake Race leading through the streets of Wegorzewo and for the whole family the fest in Budry - „The Stork's Day”. There will be organized lots of competitions, artistic performances and Families' contest.
In July on the Childrens' Day Holiday in Wegorzewo there will be organized the Sport Fest for the youngests and for the older - the Wegorzewo International Rally, in which each year take part representatives from Poland, Russia and Lithuania. In Budry will be organized „The International Street Race - The Stork's Race”.
At the end of June there will take place „The Mamry Lake Race”. Naturally we have also „The St John's Night” - old Slavonic holiday on which all inhabitants of Budry invite you.


  In July plenty of cultural performances take place. The biggest erntertrainment in our county - is rock music festival called „Union of Rock”, where we can admire the Greatest Stars of Polish music scene and the competitions' bands. If you want more information please enter: www.rock.wegorzewo.pl.
We also invite you on The Days of Wegorzewo. This year we will celebrate 435 anniversary of foundation of our town. So there will be organized races, sailing and painting competitions for the children an many concerts.
Moreover, we have a good news for the amateurs of water sports. In July will take place Wegorzewo Major's Cup..
o „Puchar Burmistrza Węgorzewa”.

In August the Ethnic Museum organizes two-days folk performance with its greatest importance and tradition among all that kind of undertakings - The Folklore Fair.
  It is an international fair of folk art and handicraft, performances of folk theatres, folk music bands and solists from poland and the boarding countries.

At the end of August our County authorities organizes the county harvest home in Radzieje and in Pozezdrze - The competitions of The Most Beautiful Harvest Home Garland, folk shows, folk entertrainment and dances till the morning.
In September will take place The Military Championships in Sailing (CISM), in which will take part teams from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Hungary and Polish teams. More information you can find here.
In the Autumn it is worth walking through neighbouring forests searching for some mushrooms and in the evening you can have a relaxation listening to good music and a little bit
  of poetry in Communal Centre of Culture in Budry on The Autumn Meeting of the amateurs of Masurian Land and of the singing poetry called „Painted with the word”.. The November's long evenings we suggest to spend on Autumn Music Workshops - The Jazz Music Concert - organized by Wegorzewo Culture and Promotion Centre.


December - is the Christmas Time. We invite you on the exhibition: „Christmas in folk art” to the Ethnic Museum to feel the climate of Christmas tradition. The inhabitants of Wegorzewo take part in ecumenic meeting: „The Christmas Eve” each year. They also take part in the delivery of „The Betlejem Light of Peace”.
During these performances inhabitants of Wegorzewo open their hearts and they carry the fair of reconciliation.
We are certain, that you have noticed all our propositions of entertrainment, specially sport events and different sport competitions for the amateurs of water sports. However we do not neglect people, who do not want or cannot swim.
It may be that you like fishing, so we would like to offer you The Military Championships in Fishing on the Ice - organized in January, but in June - The Military Championships in the Float Fishing and many others.
That's way we propose you to visit an Active Relaxation (Fishing) link. You will get all the details about fishing competitions and where tobuy the permission and unnecesary equipment also.


If you have a heart of the artist and you like art - w invite you on International Painting scool (on the open air) at the end of June and the beginning ofJuly. The handicraft workshop, vacation with ceramics and Pottery Fair, which will take place in July.
Are you a chess player ? Come to us to take part in the Open Championships of l Wegorzewo Land in Chess. There is also something for the amateurs of photography - The Photo Workshops organized in April.
  The Scouts we invite in April on Scouts WaterTeams Jamboree to Węgorzewo. This event consists of: Scouts Major's Cup and Wegorzewo Major's Cup, The Sailing songs competition, the shanties concert. In September in Przerwanki there will be organized „Scout Manoeuwres” and in October - The Scouts twoflag staff Yachts Jamboree - „Bear's Meat” prize on the Mamry Lake. For the fans of extremal sports we suggest rocks climbing and paintball, relaxing diving under care of professional instructors.
Are you a hunter? On the county area works three huntery associations including: „Cyranka”, „Masurian Land”, „Zbik”.


For the tourists, who would like to learn of horse riding during their vacation we suggest the holiday in horse-riding centers: in Agrotouristic farms in Pozezdrze and Harsz, in horse studs: in radzieje, Karlowo. There are horse-riding lessons in the stud's programs. Moreover we can suggest the horse trips, rides in britzkas, sledging cavalcades. (enter here).  
Of course we have many more offers for our guests. Look at our interactive entertainment calendar.


  We invite likewise to taking part in The Wegorzewo March of Hope, which the main aim is improving the knowledge of breast cancer's problem.

The March is organized by the institutions and companies from whole Wegorzewo county area. Every year General Diocese gathering of money under the patronate of Caritas. The money is appropriated for buying specialistic medical equipment for County Hospital in Wegorzewo.

Starostwo Powiatowe w Węgorzewie

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